Digital Engineering & Strategy Acceleration Solutions

Technology changes exponentially fast and yet organizations change logarithmically slow (Martec’s Law). Our business is to re-invent, re-design, re-set and re-imagine any business models.
We are here to make your business more transformative and adaptive to radical changes.

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What We Provide

Digital Solutions

Digital Transformation

Our Business approach is based on Digital First philosophy using the right tools to assess digital transformation readiness, re-imagine, re-invent, redesign, and to modernize and accelerate digital business cases. One of our unique core competencies is the balanced approach to business and technology leadership.

Business Strategy Acceleration

Our approach to business technology and strategy leadership is unique. We have the capability to review your business and technology strategies to create alignment, engagement and optimization of your business’ digital ecosystem using the UASS concept

Data & Analytics

We optimize your value stream processes by facilitating data driven decision making (DDDM). We have the skills and capabilities to design your decision making process through the use of data extracted from visual dashboards.

Automation Solutions

Capability to build business solutions that can solve your problems, making you agile and bringing efficiencies using AI, IoT and other 4IR techniques.

User Experience

The customer is on the heart of our business and we pay attention to their needs for convenience, speed of service, tastes and feedback..

Product Innovation

We work with customers to develop new products for various markets. We are capable of reviewing your product life cycle in line with new customer tastes and demands.

About The Digital Front

Providing your business with quality Digital Engineering & Strategy Acceleration Solutions is our passion.

Our vision is to transform your businesses. Our mission to make your vision to transpire. Our philosophy is to; Unlock opportunities, Accelerate strategies and business models , Scale-up operations and sustain competitiveness (UASS). Our Core Values are Duty, Integrity, Leadership, Innovation and Learning.

Digital Transformation 90%
Strategy Acceleration 75%
Product Innovation 80%

Learn More on Values

Duty is our moral responsibility to our customers, employees and stakeholders.

Integrity we are transparent, ethical and truthful

Leadership we create successes through strength of our team. True leaders achieve success.

Innovation deliver superior customer value by generating breakthrough ideas and converting the to solutions

Learning we self-introspect and engage in lifelong learning to improve our skills and knowledge.

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Why Choose Us?

Transform into a digital business, unlock opportunities, scale up your business and sustain competitiveness.

  • Creating New Business Models
  • Developing New Products
  • Developing New Services
  • Creating New Value Propositions
  • Identifying New Markets & Revenues
  • Sustain Competitive Advantage
  • Digital Technologies Approach
  • Digital Systems
  • Digitize Processes
  • Harness technological Efficiencies
  • Best suit and cost effective